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Although better known as an energy provider, SSE have some competitive deals currently on offer for new customers. SSE customers also get a day happiness guarantee and no price hikes during their initial contract. Check out Vodafone's Superfast 1 deal and read our Vodafone review to see how they fare in our survey.

Plusnet is known for very competitive incentives alongside low prices and this deal is no exception. Check out Plusnet's Unlimited Fibre Extra deal and read our Plusnet review to see how it fares in our survey. M customers also get weekend calls at no extra cost with Talk Weekends. Check out Virgin's M deal and read our Virgin Media broadband review to see how it fares in our survey.

Thinking of switching provider? Read our guide on how to switch your broadband provider for essential help and advice. Many broadband-only deals still require you to also have line rental with the provider or from elsewhere. Often, it is cheaper to buy both from the same place rather than sourcing line rental with another provider.

As long as you don't plan to use your home phone much, these plans may appeal to you as a way to save money by not paying for a landline you don't use. The question of whether to get a limited or unlimited package is far less important than it used to be. The benefit of these limited deals is that they would usually be cheaper. If you do encounter a limited data deal, think carefully about whether this will be enough to get you through the month, and check to see what happens if you exceed it.

Compare broadband deals without line rental

Today, most providers offer a truly unlimited service, but some smaller providers do still have traffic management policies in place. These slow down certain kinds of internet activities that require a lot of bandwidth once you hit a preset limit. For example, some providers slow down the speed of certain internet activities such as peer-to-peer downloads in order for other activities which are time-sensitive such as online gaming and video calls to not be interrupted.

Broadband plans often come with upfront costs, which can take various forms. Common examples include paying for a router to be delivered, set-up fees, connection charges and new line fees. You might also be expected to pay an upfront fee for a PVR set-top box if a TV package is included, which may or may not be optional. It is important to factor in these costs when deciding what broadband deal is right for you.

You might also want to consider the telephone package. Contract lengths are also an important consideration. Some deals might seem cheaper on the surface, offering lower monthly prices. But long contract terms mean that you may end up paying more than you wanted to over that period of time. However, Ofcom rules state that if you experience price increases mid-contract, you have 30 days from when you are officially notified of the increase when you can switch without paying a penalty. Read more about your rights if a broadband provider increases prices.

In these situations you could switch, or haggle. Read our guide on how to haggle for the best broadband deal. Best cheap fibre and broadband deals By Hamse Yusuf. Payment : Payment is by Direct Debit. Please note that VAT is included in the advertised prices and charges where required and is applied at the UK standard rate in force unless otherwise stated.

We base our average speeds on sync speed the speed of your line from the street cabinet or telephone exchange to your router.

Choose the best Vodafone Fibre Home Broadband plan for you

Speeds may vary significantly by location and are dependent on all equipment meeting minimum specifications, being fully functional and working at full speed. The range of wireless equipment can vary according to the layout of your home. Other factors can also impact internet speeds, such as distance of your home from the network exchange, the number of people using the internet, the level of use of the internet and other environmental and technological influences. A discount will be applied to your monthly price plan. Claims must be made via the Vodafone Broadband app.

Your Vodafone router must be plugged in and switched on for sync speed to be captured. Terms apply, you can check the speed and availability in your area at vodafone. Fastest growing major home broadband provider: Growth rate independently verified by GfK, based on 33, Tech interviews with broadband users between Sept to Oct and 33, interviews with broadband users between Oct and Sept Covers up to 5 devices.

Broadband FAQs

Some features may be modified and may not be compatible with certain operation systems. Please refer to the End User Licence Agreement with the relevant third party anti-virus software provider. Downloading protected content without the copyright owner's consent may constitute a criminal offence. Parental Controls will be automatically set to off as default.

Broadband Genie award: as awarded by Broadband Genie in March For more information about the award, please visit Broadband Genie. Please note that any features or feature bundles must be retained for a minimum of 30 days.

Best Cheap Fibre And Broadband Deals: August - Which?

This is how we define these times:. You can hang up and re-dial before 60 minutes to avoid these charges. Price comparison: month price comparison based on Vodafone's Superfast 1 average speed 35Mbps : month min. Sky's Superfast average speed 59Mbps : month min. TalkTalk's Faster Fibre average speed 38Mbps : month min.

All price comparisons exclude new line installation costs and any additional reward cards unless stated. Price comparison: month price comparison based on Vodafone's Superfast 2 average speed 63Mbps : month min. BT's Superfast Fibre 2 average speed 67Mbps : month min.

TalkTalk's Faster Fibre average speed 67Mbps : month min. Customers must redeem the promotional code by 31st December. Subject to availability while stocks last.

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Get in touch. Click below to speak to a specialist on live chat. Check your broadband availability and speed Postcode. We won't share or use the information.

If you can't find your postcode you can use Royal Mail postcode finder. Superfast 1.