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If you hurry and accelerate rapidly from a stop sign, you are killing your fuel efficiency.

In fact, any rushed driving like following too closely, driving or passing rapidly does terrible things to a car's mileage. Increasing the gas mileage is very simple, just leave home 10 minutes earlier than usual and drive gently. Also, changing oil and sending your car to maintenance shop regularly will surely improve your fuel efficiency.

What you need to look also is the engine size. In general, the smaller engine is more fuel efficient. It usually consumes less fuel to run the engine at idle, during acceleration, deceleration, and cruising phases than a larger engine. The larger engine is also heavier, and that increases rolling resistance. Know what you need. While a compact car is super convenient to commute alone during rushed hours, it's not exactly a fit if you have a big family.

If you are a music lover, spend some more for the car with an upgraded sound system, or at least a CD player, you will love the drive. If you need a car for camping, a roof-rail will help you carry a lot of stuff. If you need to show your status and impress people, go for the one with big tires, with alloy wheels, leather seats, rear spoiler or body kit. Import Audi RS6 from Japan is only a good idea if it fits your basic needs. If this car does not fit your needs, don't hesitate to have a look at other Audi. The priority is to choose the cars that serve your using purpose.

Japanese used cars are very well known for having great conditions while being quite cheap. Japanese people, in general take a good care of everything that they own. Also, Japan has a very good maintenance system, which provides a very delightful service to any car. Japan has the most developed public transportation system in the world.

Even if a Japanese owns a car, they would be more likely that they will take public transport to commute. So your car would rarely be used unless it is needed to. This leads to the fact that Japanese used cars remain low mileage, excellent engine with less damage. Most Japanese people drive only when needed, they avoid idling as much as possible, accelerating and using brake steadily.

Because of their careful habits of driving, Japanese used cars are usually in lovely fuel consumption condition. In Japan, there's always a feeling that people don't want something that has been used even those things are in perfect shape. It is a part of their culture.

New Audi RS6 Deals

So why hesitate? Active filter Clear All. Audi RS6. Filter by Make. Filter by Year. Filter by Mileage. Filter by BodyType. Filter by Engine cc.

More about 12222 Audi RS5 Sportback

Filter by Color. Other Filters. Transmission Auto Manual. Drive 2WD 4WD. Fuel Petrol Diesel. Steering Left Right. Filter by Accessories. ABS Aero Parts Aftermarket Muffler Airbag Alloy Wheels Audio System Back Camera Back Tire 5.

Exclusive render: new Audi RS6 Avant | carwow

Body Kit 1. Bucket Seat 4. Car Alarm Car CD Available Cassette 8. Clearance Sonar 2.

I'll drive, I know what I want

Cooler Box 3. Cruise Control Customized DVD Diesel Digital Meter ETC Floor Mat Fog Light Front Monitor 1. Fully Loaded HDD HID Light 9. Key Keyless Entry LED Light 4. Leather Seat Lowered Down Maintenance Book Available Manual Book Available Muffler 1. Navigation System New Paint New Tires 4. No Accidents Non-Smoker Plenty of Audis have looked knuckle-bitingly punchy. And served up obscene portions of power. You might remember the RS6 before this one had a detuned 5.

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It was the undisputed fast estate king, thanks to bhp. And when Audi replaced it, the new RS6 boasted fewer cylinders. And less power. The new 4. So you had a car with more on-demand poke, slightly less weight especially over the nose , a quicker eight-speed auto gearbox, and a more flatulent, less muted V8 rumble. All the ingredients, then, for supreme teleportation of you, your nearest and dearest, and yes, the dog. When Audi itself tried to sportify the A7 to make the RS7 a palpably sharper device, it mucked it up. In , Audi revealed the RS6 Performance, boosted to bhp.

Similar Cars

The age of the six hundred horsepower estate car had arrived. Still rode well. Still shrunk around you at speed. The AMG also sounds fruitier, steered with greater clarity and verve, and it has the advantage of a six-years-younger cabin and tech. The biggest estate car boot of all, in fact. The new E63 is very, very firm.

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