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Can I use all the needed features of the camera with the lens? Thank you. I've recently purchased the D upgrading from the Nikon D90, and I'm loving it! I've been using a mm Nikkor Lens and haven't changed it since removing the original Kit lens. I didn't realize how much I really appreciate having the built in WiFi feature either, but if it matters to you, It works great!

The jump up in pixels from my D90 is noticeable and the additional functions that the D has is fun. Hope this helps give some perspective! Hi Bigdawglor -- With the built-in WiFi on the D, are you able to see a Live view on your laptop or tablet while you are composing a photo? When I work with a food photo stylist, she would like to see the scene on the larger screen before the photo is taken so she can make adjustments in styling.

I currently have a Nikon D90 and considering the D Although I like the D90, the higher megapixel appeals to me. Is the expense worth it? I use the camera for travel and family events. The reviews of the D are impressive, but difficult to justify the expense for my purpose. I have no interest in the video aspect of the camera.

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I am a motorcyclist who ride a lot in mountains and countryside, and require a good camera which can shoot good pics. I have in my mind a Canon D60 Old and proven but also heard a lot about its durability and a Nikon D a latest in the series. I used to use a point and shoot camera before but its not sufficient anymore. I also checked and found that Canon has a inbuilt motor and Nikon don't have so lens with motors are required for Nikon. Please advise. I would recommend a GoPro I have been a motorcycle photographer and you need something bomb proof with a great ultra wide angle for composition Nikon cameras are as good if not better than the competition.

I have had the D90, D and am currently using the D as my everyday camera and the D for more serious photo. The D follows the D, hence, is the third iteration to my D Without knowing your experience in photography and your budget to this purchase. If you provide relevant information about your photography experience, your intended use, then I would help you decide the alternatives.

I don't have a massive budget, and I mainly take nature and wildlife shots. I don't really do portraits or fashion or food. I need a good camera that offers a good low light condition. Kindly suggest me a good camera from or beyond the list I provided that fills my requirement as sated. Buying our first DSLR for a big trip of oz next year. We are leaning towards the Nikon D over the Canon D, but during research found a comment that the colours in Nikon pics are not good, particularly for landscapes as the green is terrible.

Can someone that has a Nikon clarify this point and any other facts we should consider? Any feedback is welcome. More likely than not, you might have bought your DSLR by now. If not, my experience with Nikon d is nothing but great. D is the third iteration to D Friends who saw my D bought their D and D I do not know anything about the Canon DD but can assure you that you would not go wrong with either camera. I can't get over this whole "going pro" statements I'm seeing below. I just want the lightest camera with full features.

D doesn't even offer wifi, gps, articulated screen, or 60p video. I hate how Nikon calls this camera a beginner's tool. It's absolutely ridiculous. I really, really need 60p video for slow motion shots. To upgrade to full frame would not make sense. To go to D is not going "pro", it's a downgrade for me. People here are so dense, and don't look at the big picture. D is using a expeed 3 processor with slower processing. My D can skim through pictures in milliseconds. Nikon, please rethink the upgrade path in your camera line.

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It makes no sense as of July 28th, Your comment make very good points. My experience in photography dates back to late s. At that time, it was considered a PRO camera. My next Nikon purchase maybe called either an upgrade or downgrade, I don't care either way, was the D Followed by a D and now a D The D is my everyday camera.

Despite all the very good features and very good results this D has going for it, it is still a mid-level DSLR. With that said, I am not offended by the terms "beginners camera", entry level, mid-level, enthusiast level, pro-level designation. I suggest you shrug-off the terms because it does not mean anything. What matter is the enjoyment you get from making the shots that matters to you. Could I use this lens with the D camera? Thank you for replying. Caveat: If the lens has the meter mating fork, remove that fork. I don't think the D has that spade to drive the autofocus gears of the lens.

I tried the Canon d, Nikon D and others but decided on a D after much deliberation. The camera has been great and has exceeded my expectations. It is nicely weighty and feels better made than the competition. The lack of buttons compared to the D and touch screen compared to the Canon has not bothered me.

I use the camera in the 'old fashioned' way and have it up to my face most of the time. I find the button position to be ideal. I have two fingers on the right side top for shutter and exposure adjustment and on the left side I have one on the FN button which is assigned to ISO which I can adjust on the fly. I use a 2 sec regularly in low light but the camera is set to It isn't in the manual but I found it in a menu and 2 secs is now my default. The low light performance at high ISOs is better than I expected. Check the DXO Mark website for comparisons with other makes.

Best lenses for the Nikon D5300: Part 1 – concise overview of primes and zooms

Overall I am very pleased with my D What do you mean by "2 sec regularly in low light"? Are you referring to the "Shutter release delay" or the Self-Timer or the shutter-speed. It is nice to hear that you are enjoying your D I am looking to get a new camera preferably Nikon or Canon. I'm looking at the D and liking it so far, however I'm very new to these kinds of cameras and wondering what a good lens would be for it?

One not terribly expensive, but still good quality. It will give you very sharp photos. Don't waste your money on cheap lenses. This two lenses will be enough for most situation. The D has TWO function buttons, not one. The second one is located on the front left, underneath the flash command button. That way, shutter speed, ISO and aperture are all easily accessible. Thanks for sharing. I'd hate to be near those soap bubbles when they burst though, you'd need a shower afterwards!

I would definitely love if someone can help me chose a good lens to go with the camera. Also, I would love to know if a non-DX lens would work well with the camera.

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  8. I'm not a fan of DX lens. Thank you in advance! I have the , I use it on a D and it is a very good lens.

    Flat 11% Discount On Nikon D5300 Camera

    I also have the 40mm 2. These are the lenses I finally decided upon: 1. For everyday, the new Sigma 1. I have had no trouble with the autofocus on this lens. Compared to every other lens out there, this lens delivers just incredibly sharp detail, and its ability to go to 1. For wide angle get the tokina 2. These two lenses will take your photography to levels you won't believe until you see. I have not yet found a long end lens that equals these. For the time being, the nikon is probably the best choice. I have it but rarely use it because of how much I like the sigma.

    I am graduating from a bridge camera to a DSLR. Have been a hobby photographer for many years primarily doing landscape photography but I do it only when on a vacation that would be twice a year. I was a little confused whether to buy a Canon D or a Nikon D I have always used Canon cameras before and after going thru many reviews comparing the two cameras I am not wiser. I also understand that once one buys a DSLR one continues to buy cameras of that family so that it can save money on lenses.

    As there anything else that help me decide between the two.

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    4. Your advice would be most helpful. You can reply directly on my mail - drkpsanghvi gmail. The sensor performance on the D is much better than the T5i. Everything else is going to be subjective and personal preference. Hi Kishore, I am still under the same confusion as you are. I havent bought anything yet. So finally which one did you buy? Please also let me know your decision If buyers will rely mostly on the reviews they will end up to buy nothing. Whether you agree or not reviewers are human too and tend to be subjective.

      Another question Nikon has released firmware version 1. Read more. The Nikon D presents an entry-level photographer with some serious specifications, starting with a 24 megapixel APS-C sensor.

      Looking for the best price on the D? Here are this month's best deals! | Digital Camera World

      It's not short on features, but do its handling and image quality match the tall specs list? In general, it can be your new Nikon d bundle if you are looking for the necessary item for your camera with good price. As for accessories, you will get mostly all that you will need as a start to make your professional photos even if this your first time to deal with a DSLR camera. If you would like to get all that you need with complete accessories and lenses you will need you should check this Nikon d bundle because it will save a lot of money and it the best bundle you can get if you have the enough money.

      In general, This is the high-end bundle you can get for the Nikon d camera with all its accessories and lenses you need to make a big start without spending a lot of money.

      So easy. So fast. So Target.

      If you would like to get your bundle without accessory and only lenses here is the best bundle with most important lenses. The mm lens for day to day photos and the mm zoom lens. If you would like to get a more budget friendly lens with the camera, here is the lens that collects between the regular lens and zoom too in only one lens. If you would like to start in the photography world without accessories and save more money. This should be your next bundle. If you have previous experience with photography and looking to change your camera with the new Nikon d DSLR camera here is the body only with the best price in the online markets.

      Tags: best bundle Cameras d nikon. However, the D's images didn't look much better than the D photos; both cameras captured small details well. Some subtle elements were lost when we used the mm kit lens, but our 35mm test lens produced sharper, cleaner images overall. Regardless of lens, the images had accurate, vivid color, and the camera correctly judged exposure and white balance in both strong and dim light.

      A photo of the Sanders Theater at Harvard University shot with the 35mm lens shows how the D can capture great levels of detail and accurate colors, for example in the brickwork. The shot was metered to capture the details on the tower, which meant that the sunlit roof was somewhat overexposed, not unusual for such a challenging shot. The D tries to remedy such overexposure situations with an HDR High Dynamic Range mode for use in challenging lighting environments that have both very bright and very dark elements.

      The camera takes two photos at multiple exposure values and combines them in order to produce a representation of the entire scene that is truer to what the human eye sees. Unfortunately, a test photo we took also shows how this feature can go wrong: although the image provides more detail on the sunlit roof, the halo effect around the tower is very distracting.

      This happened because the two images were poorly combined. We tested HDR capability again by shooting the interior transept of the same theater. In a standard shooting mode, the D struggled to capture both the details of a bright window and the darker interior details. In the end, it went with the window, which left the interior underexposed. Using the HDR Auto mode created a wider dynamic range.

      In this case, the combination of images keeps the window detail while also capturing much of the interior, such as the woodwork on the ceiling. Shooting in low light means you have to boost the ISO light sensitivity, and pushing this setting above ISO made noise graininess more visible. The fact that the D can do this and still capture a decent image shows how good it, and digital cameras in general, are getting. But at this high ISO, fine details such as the white whiskers on the cat's chin and the blacks of her eyes got lost; this is due to the noise-reduction feature that sometimes confused fine details with noise and removed some detail from the image.

      The camera offers three levels of noise reduction: low, normal and high. Normal provides the best overall balance between noise reduction and the loss of shadow detail in images, especially with ISO settings of and above. Another option is to shoot in RAW and use an editing program like Photoshop, in which you can fine-tune the noise-reduction level. In a close image of a cat taken with the built-in flash, the D did a nice job of capturing the fine details, like the whiskers, without overexposing the image.

      The camera did boost the ISO light sensitivity to a rather high 2,, which resulted in a small amount of noise graininess in the image, but it was definitely tolerable, and didn't distract from the fine details in the image. The D can shoot HD video at up to 60 frames per second.

      Nikon D5300 Review: Complete Features, Specs, Performance, Price, Photo Video quality, Verdict

      That makes for smoother, more realistic video that looks better on the big screen than the 30fps of rivals such as the Canon T5i. We shot a scene of traffic on a bright day at the highest-quality settings, and this video showed smooth movement, plenty of detail, accurate colors and little noise.

      We did see some rolling shutter, though, where panning the camera causes an off-putting stair-step effect, or makes fast-moving objects look like they are torn. That's not unusual for DSLRs, though. We were disappointed by the sound quality: When the person holding the camera speaks, it easily overwhelms the small stereo microphone in front of the flash shoe, and the microphone doesn't pick up sound from in front of the camera well.

      The D also picks up the noise of the zoom lens's autofocus mechanism, which is more distracting in with some other lenses we have tried. You can plug a better microphone into the 3. Not surprisingly, video shot by low light suffers from a lot of noise. The movement, however, still remained mostly smooth.