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Another name in one of the best hi-tech travel bags is the RNG EKO GREEN Travel Laptop Backpack that comes with various features like hidden zipper that makes it fully water resistant, large capacity of 30l, multiple compartments and a lot more to make your traveling experience a bit better and stress free.

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The Raden A22 Carry-On Luggage is, in true terms, a smart luggage that is designed for the tech-freak travelers who need more space to carry their stuff. It is an easy-to-carry luggage that comes with a built-in battery that lets you recharge two devices at once instead of only one, unlike the others mentioned above, making it one of the best hi-tech travel bags India.

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Plantronics has long been a renowned brand in the digital device industry, creating a wide range of products for the tech freaks and here is another great product from the brand. So, the next time you plan a trip to your favorite tourist destination or are on a business trip, make sure to get one of these best smart bags India to carry your stuff while charging your mobile devices as your bag goes theft free with the latest technology.

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Know your future in a Flip with these Tarot Card apps Tarot life. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You can choose between the two variants of luggage set one with 3 different sizes of trolley bags or with a combination of trolley, duffle, bag pack and air bags.

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Alternatively, you can opt for expandable luggage set that will offer you extra flexibility. Short Breaks : Carry-on luggage is usually sufficient for short breaks such as quick romantic weekend getaway.

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Choosing expendable version of carry-Ons can be better option as it gives you more flexibility and space. However you can also consider tote or duffle travel bags online. Frequent Traveller : You should opt for travel bags online that offer maximum durability, is light weight and has good wheeling system.

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Trolley case, spinner luggage , roller case, garment carriers, duffle bags can be an ideal pick for the frequent travellers. Adventure Travellers : The adventure travellers usually prefer strong and light weight luggage, something that can withstand abuses on its way. For young traveller, backpacks can be an ideal pick and the middle-aged and above can go for four wheeled suitcases or tote and specialized camera bag.

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Business Travellers: Most business travellers travel light, often with carry-on luggage only. The ideal pick for this category is the travel bags online that are lightweight, easy to access and well organized. Additional beneficial feature to consider can be straps so you can attach your laptop luggage to your main luggage. Some business carry-on luggage offers garment compartment with coat hanger facility, which will keep your suits wrinkle-free.

Comparison of Specific Features Once you've settled on a type and size of luggage, it's time to compare features on specific models. At this point, your personal preferences take over. Become a Seller.

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