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Also, please leave an honest review for our Podcast on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely important to our show and help in our rankings. Please leave a review if you find value in our show! If you have any questions, please email me at gino jakeandgino. No Comments. Click here to learn more about our multifamily educational platform: Multifamily Mastery If you have any questions, please email me at gino jakeandgino. I just looked at their website and signed up to receive the free 50 properties. Looks like an interesting website with a lot of info.

Just wondering how your experiance has been.

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Marcus and John, I am also interested to see if this software can be beneficial in obtaining leads. I have viewed the videos and would like to attend one of their training sessions to assess the software use for my goals but they do not have a training session scheduled for San Antonio any time soon.

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Have either of you been successful generating any revenue from the data software they promote? I know this post is a little old, but I do use real acquistions. They had a special last year for per year. I think it is 1k per year now. I market to the lists that I created through their software.

It seems to be working. I am now getting about a deal per month from these leads.

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  6. You can always send cards or letters per month to start and move up from there. That is what I did. Rick, I have a question for you. We just started with them and are sending the postcards ourselves. Did you find a way to put the first name first, and last name last to put on the mailing labels? When I download the leads, they are last name first and I can't see changing every one of them since we are looking at doing this on a large scale.

    Thanks in advance! Hi Michelle Threatt - Excel has a lot of features such as "Text To Columns" - I would investigate first to avoid to much unnecessary work. I have started with RA recently.

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    I can't really give a thorough review yet since it's only been a couple of weeks. I will say that the app is a bit unwieldy until you gain familiarity. However, AG contacted me soon after purchase to give me a personal walkthrough of the app, which I thought was a very classy thing to do. As for fixing the names in your campaigns Michelle Threatt , excel will do a pretty good job of it by using this formula:.

    A1 would be the start of your list of backwards names.

    I put "Corrected Names" in column B with the formula above and fill down. I wanted to ask for your honest opinion of this TX based software. Do you find it more useful than Listsource?

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    Hi Franco Perez ,. I have no complaints about RA. I haven't been lucky enough to close a deal with their leads, but that's on me, not RA :. More important than the lead source is the consistency and the follow up. That's the hard part, managing leads and getting to a definite yes or no.

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    Chris Bernardo What is your response rate with the leads you receive in RA? Just wondering if you have recorded any of this, or anyone else on BP using Real Acquisitions Software. Franco Perez ,. RA allows you to pull leads, manage them and mail all from within the app. I'm probably missing features in this short reply, but if you send AG a note I think he'd be glad to talk more about the service. Some folks reply to a piece of mail sent months ago, while others reply the same day they receive your mail.

    It's hard to pin down to a percentage. Hey Chris, I would be happy to set you up! Glad some many people are getting access to our software.