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Big Storz and Bickel fan. I own both the Mighty and the Crafty and recently purchased the Plenty. The only bummer is in the flavor department. Not even close to the flavor of using Volcano. I wanted to say thank you for your professional review, best I found on line! I ordered mine two weeks ago, I was told it should arrive by end of next week. Great channel, great revirws! Thanks again. I broke it a month ago. Your review helped pick the right vape-plenty!

The plenty should be the finnal assistance I need. Hello, thanks for all the great reviews. I know that I want the best performance possible. But something that I can also take with me on the road. Atleast in a back pack. Just something I can take out of my house. From what you have said, I think the mighty would be the best vape for this. But I was wondering, how does the mighty compare against desktop vapes like the volcano, plenty of herbalizer. Would it be worth it to also invest in a desktop unit, or can the mighty act as both. Thanks a lot for all the good info.

Desktop plenty def more potent then the mighty and easier to load, but requires to be plugged in to work. Great reviews thanks for your expertise! On my second Plenty now — wore the old one out! Bought it after seeing your review and everything you said was spot on! Thank you, my friend! Long may you prosper! Hey Bud- Been on the spliff for some 44years— ready to take the next step due to health. All fricken awesome and enjoyable, thanks! I have no concern about stealth qualities as the unit would be for home use, and needs to be somewhat compact small living area and easy to use.

Sure would appreciate any feed back. Take good care. The only vapes that have provided superior vapor IMO are the vedamper wildly impractical and cumbersome and the Swiss made Vapman unfortunately this is more of a one hitter and uses a butane torch lighter as a heat source — however.. Love your reviews. Puff puff pass. Thanks for the review, Bud! I just ordered this vape based on your review and through your link.

I bought it to replace my Pax2 which quit working after 10 months the on off button quit working and Pax is not responding regarding warranty replacement. I hope there is no problem with the Plenty I bought it because you said it requires less maintainance and has better vapor. Hopefully it will last more than a year.

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Perfectly detailed review. Told me all I needed to know, bought the plenty. What a great choice. As a heavy smoker for years and years, I am trying to vape more for health. I have had the Plenty for one week and have used it daily. Here are my thoughts. First off, it is rad. I love this thing. Yes it looks weird, that is not relevant.

I saw some people saying after a few days they went back to smoking. I feel you have to give this thing a fair chance and be open minded.

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It will never be exactly like smoking. As for how I smoke, I like to take a few hits, set it down, do whatever, pick it up a few minutes later, etc. All day. So what I have learned is important for this style of smoking is to turn the thing off. Like completely off. I also stopped using the liquid pad. Not only does it get lots of evil sharp bits after 10 brushes or so, but I also read that the device works best without it, even though you have to put a lot of product.

Stealth is very important to me.. I have used my vapir rise everywhere with no problem.. Stealth has never been an issue and i have never had problems in hotels with my vapir rise because of smell or triggering smoke detectors i travel a lot. Will this be a problem with the plenty? Do you have any experience with hotel smoke detectors and vaporizers? What about smell? I expect it to smell but how much? On average after a full session and spraying some air freshner, should i be woried about smell considering the vapor is much denser than the vapir rise.. I love my Plenty but have developed some rough deep scratches on the top of the heating chamber from use.

I have had the Plenty for a couple of years now, on your recommendation! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, my friend! Much appreciated! Take care now! Pete Crane. Hey Brother killer review had purchased a cloudv terra thing was a nightmare to hot and have gone through five mouth pieces in two months then burned my leaf mat and know blinks red and wont heat paid a dollars at local smoke shop what a waist of money!! So thankyou for your review of the plenty im done with portable and going with the plenty has been months using papers again and my lungs and throat are feeling it.

So Thanks again you are a life saver wish i had found you before my first purchase. Will be making my purchase through your link!! I love my plenty, but have had problems with the filling chamber orange piece breaking twice. I find it sticks to the unit if you dont take it off often and clean it. And thats when it might break. I am going to try a plastic cleaner on the plastic pieces to see if It cleans them. Its a soaker cleaner. If I remember right , the plenty instructions said not to use alcohol on the plastic, probably makes it brittle.

Not sure what boiling would do to the plastic either, or the silicone tubing pieces. Anyway, my advice is not to leave it too long without washing. Possibly buy pieces to replace the parts that need soaking. Or at least the orange plastic piece. I also soak the coil often in alcohol, and rinse thoughly afterwards. If you try to pour alcohol from the bottle, it will trap air and the coil will not fill.

Then, when full, wrap the other end with plastic wrap with a rubber band. Let sit at least overnight. Turn it every so often to make sure the alcohol is getting everywhere inside. Any vaporizer piece with a lot of buildup seems to me to be hard to clean with just alcohol, so thats why I clean the coil often. This is a top unit , I fill fully with low or medium grade. For high grade, just use the liquid pad to fill up the extra space and give even coverage over the screen area. Any other sites you can recommend buying this from? Great videos, thank you for doing the hard work for us out there.

I have used the digital volcano for a year or so when a buddy loaned it to me, but now I need to get my own set up. I understand its an investment and I am not concerned with price so probably avoiding the Arizer. What would you recommend between this unit and the Volcano? Or anything else that is on that level? Just wondering does this vape work with concentrates, waxes, and oils or is just herb that you can use? Just ordered one plenty in EU clicking on the link you gave us!

I also like Vape Xhale but it is too expensive for my pockets. I own an old Pax but I need something that will give me something more. Hope Plenty will help me to finally just go vape. Thanks for your reviews, very good infos in a cool way! I hve the old Pax as well and wanted more. The Plenty does that for me. I will never burn again. I had the Arizer Extreme Q and was happy with it until I left it on too long and it started smelling like burnt plastic. So anyways I go and try and pack another half bowl this is with the pad as well , when I do this bowl always seems to fail.

Am I doing something wrong? It seems really inefficient and well, weak compared to my Extreme Q. Hey Bud.. After going through a bunch of your reviews a few years ago I ended up with the volcano. I like what you say about the plenty in terms of it being closer to the experience with combusting.

Any recommendations between the two? I start at 6, take a few draws and then shift to 7. To Bud… Your reviews are so informative, thank you! You were so right!!! Im an old hippie from the seventies and was tokin on a harsh glass pipe. Im also purchasing a PAX2 on your advice as well. Peace brother…heading to Key West better informed Than X to you!?? I have always used a glass pipe which of course is very harsh. I do believe I am using too much product a pinch when smokin alone??? Than X. Bad news, my Plenty has broken. Or the cord, I hated that cord from the get go, great machine with a cheap cord that does not bend especially and impossible to work with if not not warm.

I am so bummed. I love The Plenty, I use it every day. That cord becomes impossible to work with.

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Other than that I love it. Trying to make a purchase decision soon and could really use your help with a few questions! How much of a problem is the heater turning off? Can the plenty heat up without being held? Can I vape half of the contents in the chamber and then resume later in the day?

Can you take 45 seconds in between hits if you choose? Hey man, thanks for all the reviews! We are looking for something that is easy to use, easy to store away in a drawer etc and robust our Hot Box only lasted a year. We only use it at home, so would you recommend the Plenty for this purpose? Is the power cord nice and long?

Is cleaning it easy? And do you have to wait for parts to cool before refilling? Are there any portable vapes which work just as well for regular home use? Hey Man, I am new to vaping. All I have sold except the Volcano as it gets me the closest results to smoking. I can not go above 5 on the dial without coughing up a storm.

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I notice you remark about how smooth it is? Can you recommend a vape that gives the smoothest, least harsh and non-coughing vapor? Thanks a lot. I bought the plenty a few weeks ago and I have some comments. First, you do get a huge cloud of vapor with the plenty. The design of this thing otherwise makes zero sense. For example, look at the video. This is important because it keeps shutting off when it gets to the correct temperature. I find myself waiting for it to heat up and then missing it and having it cool down again before I notice and turn it back on.

Eric, I had the same problem when I started vaping. I tried to get huge clouds of vapor only to cough it out painfully. It is a lot like [solid concentrate]. It seems smooth and cool going in then — wham. The solution is to take smaller draws. After a little practise, you can get a better sense of what is too much and learn to avoid it. Can you give me a comparison of both terms of vapor quality? Hey Bud, Love the videos and appreciate the insight and expertise you share on the ever increasing number of options available.

Thanks for the review. Keep the reviews coming and thanks again. So I am considering on getting a volcano or a plenty vaporizer, I want to know the differences between the two. Mainly, which one is stronger and which one is better for mainly personal use, I barely use it with other people. Which one is more efficient and easier to use? Really tough to say which one is better, think about which style of vaping suits you best and go with that one balloon versus whip.

Thank you so much for the work you put into this site and your reviews. Do you think that experiment would be worth buying the chamber and the wear and tear kit for the Plenty? Or alternatively, could the Plenty cooling coil setup be attached to the Easy Valve chamber of the Volcano? Hey Bud, Love your reviews. Problem is the plenty seems to rip through material, even with the pad.

Any advice. Any reason? Plenty vs Log. Great thread… I have just one question: the instruction on the Plenty, said you have to keep the chamber completely full to avoid shifting of herb. Yet have I do see here that you can use as little or as much as you like. I suppose as long as one is careful about the contents not shifting in the herb chamber, one CAN use just as sprinkle at a time?

Is this temperature really sufficient to extract all the components of the herbs? I already have the G Pro and Summit for portable ones. What would your opinion be? In the fine print it says that they need additional confirmation if the shipping and billing addresses are different. Please let me know who to talk to for this to get resolved. I checked many reviews before ordering the plenty. What got me is the easy draw you explained. No lie I ordered it and 12 hrs later it was at my house.

Very good machine. If I do fill it full I tend to unscrew the two parts and let sit till I need it again. I give it a 10 out of Useing for two months and no problems. Thanks for your time spent investigating different vaporizers. Okay, so the mighty is in the running also! Best for the money and lasts forever..

Hey, read through lots of the reviews and need your expertise! My only Vape experience consisted of 2 atmos raw vaporizers that both burnt out and stopped working. I almost gave up on my love for vaping since most burn out eventually and end up in the trash along with your money… Until I found you! So, my top 3 are the plenty, crafty, and pax2. Would love to have your input, thank you! Hey Bud! Big fan of yours and I love your site, you make a lot of people, including myself, very satisfied when we make our purchases.

I have a question about the grinder it comes with though: am I good enough with using that grinder as my main grinder or do you recommend me investing in a 4piece Space Case? Also how often should I clean my Plenty? I always brush off the screens after every use and I make sure I take care of my Plenty. I was thinking I should be good with cleaning the coil and some parts once a month? And lastly, is it best to just replace the screens once they are really dirty or can I just wash them good and continue to use them?

Sorry for all the questions Bud, I just want to make sure I keep my vape in top shape. Thanks for your reviews. I am considering purchasing a Plenty for my man. He is a daily user currently via water bubbler. It seems that there is very minimal garbage produced with this vape eg, plastic bags that need replacing, etc.

Do you agree? Useless warrantee. Less than one year top piece loosened to the point that tightening it sufficiently to keep it on during use caused plastic threads to crack. I explained this before sending it in, but still they instructed me to send it. Hey Bud, I just want to say I love what you do and you should know how helpful you are to so many people, including myself. First off, due to radiation on my face I have bad lung capacity and I was wondering if that would effect me while taking draws out of the Plenty?

My second question is if the Plenty ever needs to cleaned? If so, which parts need to be cleaned? Thanks for all your help Bud and once again you have no idea how many people you are helping out with all your reviews! Much appreciated — Charlie. I have a couple of questions about the Plenty. What is the downside of doing this with the Plenty? If someone were to pick it up, would they be able to tell what was used in it? Assuming the bowl is empty. Hey Robert you can use it that way but I personally feel you get the best experience when you pack a certain amount and vape it all in one session.

If you are going to split it up into multiple sessions though I would just recommend not more than 2. I love the vap but have problems keeping the temp in the correct range without it going into the red. Any suggestions? I gave up smoking at the beginning of the year and have been using a basic jam jar style vape ever since. Your website is amazing. The comment threads they generate are invaluable and have answered a lot of my questions.

Really, what I want most is efficiency. Your draws look pretty monster to me! I would be on the floor. The Mighty will produce higher quality and much stronger vapor than the Launch Box, but with the MFLB you have the ability of pausing between draws since you only engage the heat when drawing. After much thought I got a Crafty and am so glad I did. I was very tempted by the mflb, especially the lifetime guarantee but it just came down to fiddliness in the end.

It seemed a bit crazy to buy the Mighty and spend a lot more money on essentially more battery power. So I took a leap of faith with the Crafty. I also found I had to get used to the resistance, though this is fine and not an issue, just different. Might have to get a mflb as my stand in for when that needs doing! Thanks also for taking the time to reply personally, much appreciated. The 0. Hey man, I was planning on buying the Plenty, but had one question about it.

How much do you think the herb chamber can hold when full? Thanks for getting back to me and your vape reviews. Hey the chamber is pretty large it can hold somewhere around 0. Hey Bud, First, I gotta say I really dig your videos man. The first thing is that it takes a while for the vaporizer to cool down.

Is this normal? How often should I start the heater back up? Thanks a lot man. Look up Vapolution. Im not sure why no reviews but maybe its cause they are too cheap and they work to good,,,,just sayin.. Cmo n vape critic. Just new to vaping. Really appreciate your reviews. This may seem like a stupid question, but I was wondering if you can tell a noticeable difference in lung health when using a vape, as opposed to combusting. For example, with combusting regularly I notice in the mornings that I hack up a few times with black particulates.

Does that still happen with vaping, or does the supposed health benefit of vaping hold true? Great reviews, I really value the attention to detail! Based on your review and other feedback I just purchased the Plenty waiting for it to arrive , and I have a question:.

Banished - PLENTY OF FOOD (#18)

After 30 years of combusting, I am now a confirmed Vaper! Yes the Plenty has a huge bowl, but I get vapor for a long long session. Tried a Firefly first, had battery issues. Reading some threads on FC site convinced me that no battery can deliver for 3 years! I found the same things. Great battery, easy to use and clean. The oven likes to be packed tightly or ground fine. Much jentler on the throat than a [smoking] with much less smoke which use to leave me scented. Just made my decision on The Plenty vape based on your thorough reviews. I want to thank you for all the great reviews!

Hey Bud, I love your reviews! Im going to buy my first vaporizer soon, and I want to go for top tier. Which one do you think is a better buy? Thanks in advance! First time I have vaped and felt like I was using a waterpipe. I am looking at purchasing a vaporizer and decided to get a portable one as it will only be used outside of in the car. I was wondering though if I were to buy a rechargeable battery pack could I then use the plenty outside running off the battery pack?

Do you know how many amps the charger is for the plenty? Size is not an issue. I just want to get the best vapor on the go for a reasonable price. The next option is the pax but the plenty is very cool. Hey mate Very nice and informative site. One question about my plenty: When I use my plenty it only works for the first few draws. I turn the device on, ensuring that the on switch is lit and wait until the temperature gauge is in the green or red zone. And when checking the bud after a few pulls being taken after no more vapor has been delivered I can see that the herb is still green.

However the metal mesh that the bud sits in is extremely hot. And the device is extremely hot. Does it seem that my unit is defective or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your reply. And when accidentally touching the mesh the herb sat in as I was taking the unit apart I got burned. So the unit was definitely very hot.

Maybe I will try it next time without the oil pad. They all circularly self-reaffirm their own ideas about vaping, for example I encountered the idea repeatedly on their forum that a thicker cloud means a better draw. I was. What do you recommend for a once a day person and not so expensive but good taste. Looking at the Plenty for my potential 4th vaporizer. I invest in my vaporizers. I started with VapirOne, but after a year, bags became too inefficient for my own experiences so I got a Magic Box, which burnt out way quick, but the small size was nice enough and plus lifetime warranty but it was mostly for while-traveling uses.

So, I got a Hot Box as my first glass-whip type of vaporizer yeah I got drawn in by pretty boxes. The Plenty is at the top of my list and thank you, thank you for making these videos because it is informative and extremely helpful! The no-bag and no-glass wand, but strong potency is extremely attractive, plus I like the industrial aesthetic they gave it! Thanks for posting Cookie and you made an excellent choice! Definitely come back and let everyone know what you think. That was a really excellent review, both in terms of the write-up and the video.

I have never tried vaping before but it seems like the sensible way to go. Keep up the good work. Thanks Bud, for your indepth and unbiased reviews. I have just ordered the Plenty… [some text redacted]. I have been a [user] of herbs mixed with tobacco for 15 years, and am planning on using the vape with herb to quit smoking, thanks to your reviews i choose the Plenty for the thickness and density of the vapour, from what i can see this is the closest to what i am used to from smoking and should make the transition easier.

Am still considering the MLFB for the future as a portable option, if my transition from smoking to vaping goes well. Will it be worth using the MLFB after being so used to the density of vapour from the Plenty, or will it be nowhere close to the same effect, if not is there any other portable vape you could recommend for my future purchase, that will closer to the vapour experienced from the Plenty. Am pretty much sold on this model.

You have pretty much sealed the deal with your review so thank you…. You would also use the liquid pad also with small amounts of dry herbs, to fill up the extra space in the chamber. This vape is a beast and still one of my all-time favorites! Loving the reviews and have found them most informative. I am a complete novice with this and your vids explain just about everything I needed to know. Been a heavy [combuster] for way too many years now and the Plenty seems to be the one for me. I really loved the review of the Herbalizer but is a bit too pricey for me.

That an the shipping price to Scotland is pretty high. Regarding the Plenty, though, I have one question. How many draws would you take when using just a pinch? Would a pinch be sufficient for a couple of draws or more? With this vape the minimum amount of material I would pack in the herb chamber is about 0. I got the Plenty and have been extremely happy with it. Also, I used some concentrate which I grated and then put on a liquid pad.

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