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So the 6 of us are all jammed into the front foyer bathroom at my house laughing hysterically. We were so loud that we woke up my parents. We had tied the knots so tight that it took over an hour to get us separated! We all fell back asleep after 4 in the morning…. Thanks again for the laugh this morning. Missing you…. My memory unfortunately is not about Katie or Will, as I only had the pleasure of meeting them very briefly while trick-or treating this past year. I do have fond memories of hearing beautiful bagpipe music playing in the distance in my neighborhood.

I never knew who or where it came from until after I heard of the tragedy that befell this family. I just wanted to tell Stephan that I miss hearing his music, and I hope to hear it again soon. God bless you. Dave Garner. I have an everyday memory with Aunt Kate.

When I was little, I liked to put my hands on alot of walls. Well, Aunt Kate being as neat as she was when I would put my hands on the walls to balence myself so that I could take my shoes off. This is one one of my favorite memories with Aunt Kate. I want you to know that I think of you quite often. Opening Day! Just that we went a few times each season….

Our kids were so great. We were lucky to have you Wil! Kate, you always looked so cute with your baseball hat on. And I remember the last game we went to together. I watched as you, mom, Wil and Ian were walking across Light street to come to the club. Hanging together at the games was always fun and now I know how special those times were. You were such great cheerleaders for her! I love you both with all my heart, so much it hurts sometimes. I think of you both daily. You made me understand the value of a great friend. I am able to understand why you had so many friends They have become a part of my life now, and I just wanted to thank you.

Til will meet again I love you both. Hey Wil — 2 of my favorite parts of my wedding that you made so memorable for me. Well, your Dad was talking to the camera being very serious when all of a sudden, you pop out leaning from behind him and then disappear again behind him.

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Thanks for being so much fun! I love you! We have the winter family holiday party at our house every year with about about 60 people. Anyone that has been to our house, always gets out of their car and asks how we ever found this place. Well, one year in particular, Katie, Steve and the boys were the first to arrive. As they pulled up the driveway, they were greeted by a bunch of deer just eating grass. Once they pulled up closer to the house, the deer ran away all but one.

Funny Farm? As Jeremy and Kelly pulled up, they saw the deer running away.

OK, for the people who have never seen this movie, you will have no idea why this memory of Katie is funny. On a side note, for some unknown reason, when Kevin showed up to the party, the deer were never spotted again! Wonder why…. I remember going to the Stil on St. We had some great pictures of them together! Just hanging together was the best. Hey Wil do you remember the last time we went camping together? Me and mom got down there early and saved seats for you. But after listening to the lady talk about herself for awhile me and mom decied that as soon as you guys showed up that we would pretend like we were waiting for you to pick us up.

You and your dad started to walk down the path and me and my mom jumped up to meet you. You guys were so confused, so we just went back and played soccer in our camping site. I remember every year we all went together and sat in the same place- getting there early enough over an hour before the parade even started! We had a family picture taken each year- we saw the family get bigger with each new kid and could see how they grew each year. I remember trying to keep the kids occupied for so long before the parade started coming down the street.

Mom would bring scones and we would go for walks to get hot dogs or on the bridge that crosses the street. That was always the highlight of the parade- of course, until last year.

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But as TailGate 1 turned the corner and started coming down the street, I realized that Wil would always be in the parade- his initials were gleaming under the window where he sat and I just know that was him smiling and waving at us. We did walk by where we sat to meet up with Kiera- I just smiled thinking of you guys and the fun we had, I hope you were there watching Kiera-she wore her green hat in the parade special for you both!

I remember the St. Fireman Dave was driving Tailgate 1 in the parade. Steve was invited to be in the parade as a bagpiper and he gladly accepted the invitation. He marched directly in front of Tailgate 1. Dave asked Wil to ride with him in the front seat of Tailgate 1, which Wil thought was just awesome! Wil waved to everyone who was along the parade route from the passenger window.

After the parade was over, a group of us went to Canton to enjoy the Irish festivities. After most of us left to go home, Steve, Al and Dave decided to meander through Canton with Steve playing the bagpipes. People were giving Steve money to play songs they wanted to hear. Al called to share with me what they were doing.

Well, I was so excited that I called Katie to tell her! Katie and Wil — Steve may not have gotten rich from his St. I miss you both so much and think of you every single day. Love alwyas,Laurie. Just know that Jeremy will never forget you Wil. He is quick to tell everyone that you were his best friend, he just did it tonight. There is never a day that he does not mention something about you.

Everyone else is too slow with the words! The playground is definitely not as much fun without your creative games. Figuring out where to sit at hot lunch always an issue. Cub Scout meetings are hard because he thinks of you, and he is actually trying to do a better job in your honor. Joey broke a wish bone with Mrs. Mirachii at school the other day, and he wished to have you and your Mom back. If only wishes came true. Okay Katie…. I actually plunged into freezing cold waters yesterday with your family and friends. I only wish that you could have been there….

You see Katie swore that the themed Oreos tasted better. Katie always bought them and would try and convince me that they tasted better. I would always tell her that they just added dye to the filling there is NO difference, but Katie said that they do indeed tasted yummier! Love and miss both you and Wilson every day. Snow — finally! Love you! Katie I just want you to know that your Mom does not pay up as promptly as you when a bet has been lost!

TV is just not the same….

I miss your joy and zest for life…. I miss you! Dear Wil I have many memories of you!!! When i always went to recess with Wil and played with him or played tag it was so much fun!! I extremly miss him not being there. Leslie Amrein from St. John the Evangelist. After seeing Erin with the necklace I just had to have one and was glad they had them at the concert — I love it. Always thinking about you and Wil. What a beautiful concert held on Sunday, February 8, so many wonderful songs were played during this event. As the three of us sat there crying Katie nursed Wilson.

I feel you. We are so grateful to all the members but especially to Don Mattes, without him this event would not have been the success it was. So many of the songs they chose to play had more meaning for me than I thought. But I was deeply touched when they played the theme from ET. Now I think of this as my own foreshadowing of the events to come. Kate saved me a spot on the Tailgating Taskforce bus to Sandy Point and she planned to come along for moral support.

Of course, after being there and getting caught up in the moment plus a couple of shots of VanGogh Double Espresso vodka , Katie decides it would be fun to plunge. Now there is a chance for me to do a plunge and have it really mean something — the Marshy Point Nature Center Popsicle Plunge is coming up March 7th and there will be a team representing Katie and Wil.

Contact Kelly: kel yahoo. Ok — 1 more real quick. Wow — those really were the days! Then you called me and said you were going to go over and ask the guys installing it if you could jump in real quick so that you could say you were the 1st one in.

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You know I love you guys! You were so much fun. You were so awesome — you jumped right in and danced side-by-side with us. You were so cool! I love watching my video because of you! I have 5 favorite parts in the video — 3 are because of you, 1 because of your mom and Aunt Kerry and 1 because of Uncle Jeremy. Wanted to leave this one 1st — I just loved doing the Cha-Cha slide with you … and everything else we did while you were here — thanks for making my life so much fun!

Love, Aunt Kelly. Forever thinking about you and Wil. Gosh what do I say? I take that with me everyday and cherish time and try to spend more with my friends and family. Katie was one of the funniest people I know especially when she was with Steve. I was lucky to spend almost everyday with her for two years in x-ray school. I have so many good memories but one bad replays in my head and I regret it Katie. We had a fight one day in x-ray school and I forever regret that day.


I was young and have learned a lot of lessons since then. Thanks for the laughs. I was so excited and could not wait to be back together again at California Smoothie. All I can remember is teasing our bangs and spraying them with a ton of Salon Selectives hair spray always at your house and putting on our white collared work shirts with the strawberry patch on the corner. We must have tried every yogurt combination and made ourselves sick sometimes working there. I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you today and I really miss those times with you.

I have been wondering what to say on here for months, and today after the benefit concert for Katie and Wil, I have decided to say something. I knew Katie and Wil through Kerry, I remember the day I was getting married Kerry was my maid of honor and while we were getting ready Kerry said that Katie had called her and wanted to come see us before we left, just because she loved weddings and seeing people all dressed up.

I never knew you guys that well, but I think of you both everyday, and I miss you. My thoughts and prayers are with all of your family and friends everyday. Wil I keep remembering the time we all got together at my house beause it had snowed. Your mom was so excited. We had lunch and sent you,nick and samantha out side to sled. We watched from inside,it was too cold for us. It was fast then you guys were fighting over it. Even when I think if it now I smile.

You made such an impression on our hearts we love you. I was going through my closet one day and remembered a memorie of Wil, Kiera, and I. We were over Mrs. We were so bored so we went downstairs and tried to think of what to do. We decided it would be fun to go into the downstairs hallway closter and play games and color in it. We were in there for about 10 minutes and then realized that we were sitting on hard plastic tubs.

We told Wil to go back out and get pillows and blankets. He did and got more than he could carry. Next we snuck upstairs and looked for all the flashlights and took them downstairs. Then Ian came in and we were squished. We made Ian sit on Kieras lap and we were in there for about 3 hours.

Especially the Topsail vacations and happy hour on the deck. Matthew keeps pictures in his room of Wil and him at the beach. Wil, the two of you got along so well and had such great times together. You both touched so many lives with your energy, laughter and friendship.

You are loved and will always be missed by us all! Wil was awarded the Spirit of The Eagle Award tonight and we all were there to hear the wonderful things people had to say. I know that even without this award, Wil would have achieved success in his life. This just proves that others believe that as well. Wil, I miss you and your Mom more and more every day. Love, Mom-Mom. PART 2 The year is a new millennium this is a great year to be born.

The weather is snowy, rainy and icy today. I talk to your Mom earlier and she was getting ready to eat a French bread pizza. We talk all the time on the phone! Whatever you are know that I love you!!! Love Aunt Jenn P. The year was a new Millennium and the stores were filled with novelties to commutate it.

I bought into the whole idea and purchased a time capsule. Enclosed in the time capsule are letters from friends and other various items. I also enclosed a letter written to the then unborn baby of Katie and Steve. I planned on giving it to him or her on May 24, , the day the time capsule could be reopened. I would like to share this letter with you and Wilson now. This letter was written January 31, in the middle of the night a few hours before your birth. I feel happy because I get to see you and hold you. I just know she will be a great Mom to you. You are blessed to have a mother like her.

I hope she is as good of a friend to you as she is to me. I mentioned that I feel scared, well I feel scared because I wonder what the world will be like for you. I pray that you will. I also pray that your mother and will stay the best of friends. You really want into this world. I care about you so much.

The year is a new millennium this is a great year to be born. I can remember when Wil was first born. Tim and I were supposed to be going away to the Bahamas. Well of course Wil had to come early so Tim and I only got to see him for about an hour. I was so upset that we had to go away. My birthday wish this year is to know that Wil and Katie are at peace and that I will find peace with this someday.

I remember watching Wil one day at our old townhouse. This had to be three or four years ago, I cant remember exactly. He was still all about looking at trains. At the end of our street were the train tracks, so we decided to go see if we would see any trains. We took a walk through the woods, jumping over the mud puddles and found a good spot to sit on a log and watch for trains. I believe two or three went by while we sat there, probably for an hour or so.

We just sat on the log and threw rocks at a tree. I miss spending time with you and Katie. Wil, you have such a childs spirit, but yet you could sit and hold a great conversation with anyone, including adults. I miss you. You will always be in my thoughts.

And Kate, I still cant erase the last text message you sent me. I look at it often, as it makes me feel like we can stilltalk to each other. I love you both.

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Hi, Katie: I am sitting here at work supposed to be working thinking about you and seeing you walking across the parking lot to the Riverwatch dragging that big ass cooler for Erin and Brian. I will never forget you looking back at us and we just busted out laughing. Everyone misses you a great deal! Wilson… I have such great memories. I have one that sticks out in my mind so strongly it was the day that I took him to Dutch Wonderland back in the summer of For those of you that have never been let me paint a picture… you walk into the front gates of the park and you run right smack into a Train ride that goes around the park.

Well by the end of the day I think we rode that train 20 times! It and up being a joke with him… it got to the point that the conductor was just letting us stay on because he saw how much he was enjoying himself. I love you Wilson… even though we did not do as many things together these past couple of years I hope you know that I thought about you ALL the time and missed our times together. Love you always, Aunt Jenn. It was around this time 9 years ago that the weather was snowy, icy and rainy and Katie was put on bed rest by her OB Doctor. I was fortunate to have stayed with Katie and Steve a lot during this time to help Katie pass the time.

I think we all had our most favorite bug that we painted. I loved the caterpillar that went from one side of the window to the next. He was brightly colored with yellow, green, red, purple — you name it and the color was in the room. Katie wanted it to be bright and happy for her baby! We finished the room just in time… Wilson James Brady came into the World at am, January 31, He was a STAR!

I never told her but, I always looked up to her and she was an inspiration to me on how to be a good mom. Love, Jenn. And for the second boating story: And this one we have on video! Eventually he figured it out and you came up …. Thanks for the laughs … even if they were at your expense — we still love you for all of them you gave us! Wil — keep your mom laughing, like she did for us! Kate, you were skiing and I if I recall had gone down. Laurie told Katie I was tooooo cheap to get it. Then I relented and called Comcast and got the box.

Well about 2 weeks later I sat by the fire pit with the Bradys having a glas of wine and I turned to Katie telling her how great the DVR is and then I took a bite off humble pie as Katie and Laurie chuckled at my expense! Katie, I still love DVRing and it only happened because of you. Ian wanted to play in it and he wanted me to play with him to. This remined me of me and Wil in the snow. Ian grabbed a stick.


It was probaly 5 years ago, and we had a major snow storm. Perry Hall always got more snow than us. All of us wanted to play in the snow. We put on our snow gear and went outside. Wil picked up a stick and said: Lets make a snow tunnel. That sounded like a good idea instead of a snowman of snow fort. We started biuldind this by crawling through the snow and running into each other.

After awhile we got the hang of things. Eventually we had a major snow tunnel. Wil then wanted us all to crawl through it. Me and him fit, the adults had to watch. Then he decieded that he wanted to go sleding, so we went sledding for a little while, and then came home had hot chocolate and fondu, and me and my mom ended up crashing at their house. Once mom-mom had called us a few times the adults started to worry. Then our hideout became a game. All the men were running outside calling our names trying to find us, but never could.

We wanted to let them try a few more times. Eventually, I told you we had to go out, because they were probaly about to file missing childrens reports with the police. There was only one way we were allowed to leave though, we had to wait for someone to open the closet then scare them. It was another 15 minutes. Then your dad Uncle Steve opened the door we jumped out scared him and laughed histarically. We were in that closet for about 4 hours, one of them was the game.

Hey, Wil remember when we I would come home from school on the days when you would have off. Well, one the funniest days that we had together was when I came home from school, you were done your homework and I had none, so we decied to play with Ian. Eventually, we decieded that we wanted to play alone like we always had before Ian. We needed a place to hide a place of our own. How about the downstairs hallway closet that was just right. We then realized that we were sitting on cold hard bins, so we borrowed without asking the pillows from the couch. Then more things started to dissapear flashlights, books, crayons.

Dinner was ready, we heard mom-mom call for us, but were having so much fun that we decieded to stay in the closet. We were probaly in there for about three hours straight before dinner. The story will be continued…. I remember when, my daughter Nicole gave birth to my granddaughter, Samantha …. The reason …. Smiles …. Hugs …. Warmth ……Happiness …Joy …Laughter ….. Love for others …. And yes even more smiles ….

Warmth ……Happiness …Joy and Love for others I write these few words today as a friend … You see I had the pleasure and the privilege of knowing Katie because she and My Daughter. Nicole , along with Jennifer , were best of friends … They all met when they were about 14 yrs old.. Advising each other on who to date They shared there weddings days together… and before the weddings ,,they shared the planning of those weddings ………and who could ever forget those wild and crazy Bacholarette parties ….

Katie- This cold weather tonight brought back another funny memory of ours together. We were so excited to start a warm fire in the fireplace at your house. We found some newspaper to roll up and had perfectly placed the logs into the fireplace. As we stood back- so proud of ourselves- admiring our beautiful fire…. All of your pets started running to the back door…Rocky and Samson were barking- and we panicked! Thankfully Chris McKechnie was there to run in and open the flue.

We never forgot to open the flue again and laughed hysterically while trying to shut off all of the smoke detectors in your house. Thanks again for making me smile and I will never forget our many memories together. Love, Laura. We came a long way and our friendships stayed strong. You guys spent so much time together and had so much fun. Kiera loves you very much. Then came TJ and he started coming with us. And for a few years, it was you three and what a great time you guys always had! And finally, along came Ian and you were so good making sure he got to do everything and even helped him play the games.

But, I have to admit, I think the best parties were when I got to take you guys by myself — I cherish the time we got to spend together. I will always love you very very much — nephew Wilson! Hi, Katie! Take care. Well, of course, except for the picture that was taken of two sailors holding me sideways in the middle of Times Square!

That was after being prisoners at the restaurant, so you can imagine we had a few drinks. What a great time that was! Loving and missing you guys always! We saw a play and had a great time at the restaurent where we were held captive long story. The next day we decided to do some touring.

I put Prada on for you. We were cracking up when some tourist asked the ladies running the store how they are able to sell these designer purses so cheap. It was my first time really going places in New York and she had a fun way of showing everything. I always hoped that we would get to go back up to NY to do some more bargaining in and out of the shops. Kerry, Steve and I were talking about this today while Ian was kicking butt in Wii bowling. Katie use to be on a bowling team and actually won a county bowling tournament I think it was county … maybe state?

For me not a second goes by without thinking of you both. I marvel at what you accomplished — not just in your day-to-day life, but also goals you set and achieved. You captured my heart from the minute I watched you come into the world but that moment sealed the deal for me. Katie, I was so proud of you during both of your deliveries.

You amazed me when you did everything you were told during the time Wil tried to make his early entrance probably one of the rare occasions when you listened to your doctor. You struggled to endure almost 12 hrs on a magnesium drip to stop your labor with Steve by your side every step of the way.

Even then you and Steve proved what wonderful parents you would become. I promise Ian will know every silly dance you ever did with him and Wil. Most importantly, Ian will truly know what a beautiful family you and Steve created. I love you, I miss you, and I know, one day, we wi.

Music, Marshmallows and Mistletoe – Holiday Event in Hannibal Scheduled on Saturday

I happened to run into Katie somewhere, and she said she had a friend she wanted to hook me up with, since I was single at the time. A little time went by and I figured she forgot or something. I always loved being able to tell you everything and you would always give me the perfect advice. I am so glad that I was able to get to know you so well over all these years. Thanks for yesterday Katie. Ravens vs. I remember one time after Ian was born Katie and I were on the phone talking about breast feeding and pumping.

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Item location:. English, Indiana, United States. Ships to:. As they lack leaves, they seem to stand out in a way that few other plants do in a garden. Some, like the ivy broomrape Orobanche hederae , are little trouble to grow, but be careful with others, as some species can be problematic for agricultural crops and while not killing their host as this would kill themselves they can cause severe reduction in crop productivity. It is with this warning that I leave you to mull growing some of these most unusual of plants, whose lives are so attached to the lives of others, and to think about the mistletoe above your heads and the incredible feat of evolution that allows some plants this strange strategy for survival.

The seed must be fresh, as it has a short viability period about four weeks. Once rubbed onto the bark of a tree it needs to be protected from the hungry beaks of birds such as blue tits and great tits. You can do this by making a small cage of chicken wire around the area with the seeds. It can take anything up to four years for the seedlings appear. It needs to be sown on the younger branches of a healthy tree as here its root can penetrate the bark more easily.

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